Everything in life has cycles. In nature, we see a cyclical expression in the seasons.


September marks the end of summer wanderings, with kids returning back to school and grown ups bidding adieu to their summer vacations as they return back to work. If there is a common thread to September, it would be Returning.


In yoga, we see the journey as an inner one. No matter where our bodies take us, our experiences of places, people and experiences, life itself, are all ‘archived’ within us. With such vast repository of what constitutes our lives, yoga is one of the most formidable mediums of giving access to our inner world - conscious and

subconscious, in movement or stillness.


September is when we pick up where we last left off. As you come back to your practice at the studio, become aware of what may have changed in your practice or your awareness of it.


Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the fact that yoga, like a childhood friend, can never be forgotten. Return to your yoga practice with a sense of curiosity, pleasure, and even wonder – the way we feel when we see again a good old friend. No matter how much time has passed since we last saw them - a week, a month, a year - our connection is ever so strong and ever so deep. Yoga is like that too. Everything that is connected to the very breath we take marks the inevitable returning to one's own body and presence.


Wherever summer took or left you off, come back. Return to your practice, to your own breath.


Come as you are.