6 Reasons Why You Need A Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse


You could be reading this post from your Android phone, iPad, or some other super fancy piece of technology that was never imagined possible some 20 or 30 years ago.


Modern life, however, has also come with disadvantages. Similarly to what did not exist 20, 30 or more years ago, new toxins, pesticides, harsh chemicals, etc., are now roaming the environment and causing a host of health issues.


Here are 6 reasons why we need a seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse to reset ourselves and preserve our wellbeing.


REASON #1 – Environmental Pollution

We are continually exposed to toxins and pesticides through food, water, and air.  From refined and GMO foods, to pesticides in our foods, cosmetics, garments, etc., both our exposure and absorption of these harming chemicals affect our health in the present moment and also in the long run.


REASON #2 – Time of Year

While a cleanse can be done at any time, the time of year matters a great deal. In Ayurveda, and increasingly more so in Western holistic practices as well, the time of year when we cleanse is crucial.

April and October are the best months to cleanse the body from the inside out. Why? Think allergies, cold, flu, seasonal change in temperature, etc. When we cleanse our bodies in the Spring and Fall we boost our immune system and help ourselves to transition from one season to another in absolute optimal health.


REASON #3 – “Now It's Not The Right Time!"  

Do not sabotage your health! Instead, remember the old adage, there is no time like the present! 


REASON #4 – There Ain't Nothing Like Ayurveda!!

If we think we're the most sophisticated humans who have walked on Mother Earth.... puh-leaese! Ayurveda, dates back to 5,000+ years of scientific studying of longevity and how to live well in one's body and mind. 


REASON #5 – There Ain't Nothing Like Science!

Living in a clean and holistic will always be of scientific interest. We believe in cutting-edge scientific and technological research that offers the best science can offer. 

We're thrilled to introduce a cleanse kit designed by Designs For Health one the top nutritional companies that offers some of the highest nutritional supplemental product in the market. 

In addition to the Ayurvedic protocol you also get a 14-day cleanse kit that can easily substitute or replace a meal while getting all the superb nutrition that helps your system get stronger and healthier.


REASON #6 – It’s All About Self Love!

Ask yourself this question: if you don't look after my own health who will?!