mission statement

As daughters of educators, we were instilled with curiosity and love for knowledge at an early age. Between the two of us, our undergrad and graduate studies are a combination of economics, linguistics and humanities, social sciences, and international relations. We've learned a great deal from our academic pursuits.


Yet, life remains our biggest teacher. Its unavoidable ups and downs have brought us seeking the meaning of life again and again.


Our introduction to the yoga asana practice came through meditation. Indeed, we came to the mat from the seat. Believing in holistic well-being of body, mind and soul, yoga has proven a great conduit of stimulating our minds, enriching our souls, and improving our well-being.


Living well in one's body and mind, we have found, also benefits the community around.


Yoga is vital to community well-being. Integration and utilization of yoga modalities cannot only nourish and positively transform individuals, it can also amplify positive results at the collective level.


Come join us in building a great community of yogis here in Greenwood Heights.


Come as you are!

Oliana & Mirela